STARSkate Tests

Congratulations to all our STARSkate skaters that have passed tests in Freeskate, Skills, Dance & Artistic!  

Fall 2019

Adeline DeReus- STAR4a Dance (Swing)

Adrienne Smith – STAR2 Skills, STAR2b Dance (Canasta), STAR3a Dance (Baby Blues) & STAR3b Dance (Elements)

Alice Panschow – STAR4a Dance (Swing)

Carmyn Doan – STAR5 Skills

Cordelia Davis – STAR5a Dance (Willow) & STAR3 FreeSkate Elements

Genevieve McAllister – STAR3 FreeSkate Elements & STAR5 Skills

Keira Dean -STAR4b Dance (Fiesta) & STAR5b Dance (Elements)

Lucie Panschow – STAR2 FreeSkate Elements

Natalie Simpson -STAR3 FreeSkate Program & STAR5 Artistic

Prudence McAllister – STAR5b Dance (Elements) & STAR5 Skills

Samantha Simpson – STAR4b Dance (Fiesta)

Sophia Doan – STAR3 Skills & STAR3a Dance (Baby Blues)

Summer 2019

Addyson Koster – STAR1 Dance (Elements)

Adrienne Smith – STAR2a Dance (Dutch Waltz)

Audrey Koster – STAR3 FS Elements & STAR4b Dance (Fiesta)

Carmen VanWyk – Sr. Silver FreeSkate Program

Carmyn Doan – STAR5b Dance (Elements)

Cordelia Davis – STAR5 Skills & STAR5b Dance (Elements)

Janelle Vrugteveen – STAR2b Dance (Canasta)

Keira Dean – STAR3 Skills & STAR4a Dance (Swing)

Natalie Simpson – STAR3 FreeSkate Elements

Reese Wise – STAR4 FreeSkate Elements & 10 Fox

Spring 2019

Audrey Koster – STAR4a Dance (Swing)

Lucie Panschow – STAR3a Dance (Baby Blues), STAR3b Dance (Elements) & STAR3 Skills

Megan Dropko  STAR4a Dance (Swing), STAR4b Dance (Fiesta), STAR2 FreeSkate (Elements and Program)

Rachael Couwenberg – Sr. Silver Skills & Starlight

Samantha Simpson – STAR4a Dance (Swing)

Victoria Ostia-Estevez – Harris Tango