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All Parents/Guardians must be familiar with Rowan’s Law (Concussion Policies) and will be asked to sign-off on the “Skate Ontario Rowan’s Law Acknowledgement Form” prior to your skater(s) going on the ice upon return. Click here to be directed to all documents, found on our website page under “Policies & Procedures: Rowan’s Law”.

Please include Town and Postal Code.
*2 Week Trial for new skaters only. Skate Canada Fee will be required.
*2 Week Trial for new skaters only. Skate Canada Fee will be required.
I hereby apply for membership in the Norwich & District Skating Club (NDSC). I agree to be governed by its rules, policies and regulations. The NDSC will not be responsible for any injury, loss of equipment or personal belongings sustained by me as a member of NDSC. The NDSC recommends that all children wear a protective helmet. I understand that I will be asked to participate in the club fundraising events during the year as fees do not cover expenses.
I have read and understand the Parent Code of Conduct as well as the Skater Code of Conduct as outlined and agree to abide by it. I understand that failure to abide by these guidelines may result in disciplinary action by the club.
A Medical Information Form will need to be submitted prior to the first night of skating.
I have read and understand the Government of Ontario Concussion Awareness Resource for my child’s age group, the Skate Ontario Concussion Code of Conduct and Skate Ontario’s Rowan’s Law Acknowledgement Form for Athletes and Parents/Guardians.