Sarah Godelie – Club & Freelance Coach

Although this past season may not have been all that we had hoped for, I am excited for a new season of skating to begin! I currently coach skaters at all levels of CANSkate and STARSkate. I have had skaters successfully complete gold tests in Skills, Interpretive & Dance and for FreeSkate the Sr. Silver level. This season I will be club coaching the CANSkate program both evenings, Session 1 on Wednesday and Session 3 Stroking on Monday.  I currently have no openings for private lessons. However, if you wish to join group lessons please contact me. As the Head Coach & Representative please reach out if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


Carrie Butterworth – Club & Freelance Coach

Qualifications: NCCP Regional Starskate Certified. History: Skating since the age of 3, PA for over 15 years. Tests Passed: Gold Dances, Gold Skills, Gold Freeskate, Gold Interpretive, and Novice Competitive Singles Test. Professional Experience: Freelance coaching since April/2015, CanSkate coaching Sept/2015, 2 seasons at Canada’s Wonderland as Chorus skater; 3 seasons with Holiday on Ice European tour as Chorus skater. Lesson Fee Breakdown: Lesson fee for 2019/2020 season is $7.00 per 15 min lesson in skills, dance, artistic and freeskate. I believe that the parents play an important part of the success of each skater. If you have any questions pertaining to the lessons or progress of your skater, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be club coaching Session 3 off-ice on Monday, Session 2 off-ice on Friday and session 2 & 3 stroking on Friday. I currently only have openings for Session 1 private lessons.

Carissa Barker Club & Freelance Coach

I am looking forward to another year with the Norwich & District Skating Club. This year I will be teaching session 1 on Mondays, Session 2 stroking on Wednesday, Session 1 Off Ice on Monday and  private lessons on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. I have 10 years professional coaching experience. I am NCCP Level 1 Certified (Regional Level) and CANSkate Certified. I am professionally qualified to teach all disciplines from CANSkate up to and including gold levels. I have had students complete numerous Skate Canada tests in all disciplines including Gold Levels. I have personally completed my Gold Skills, Gold Dances, Gold Interpretive and part of my Junior Silver Freeskate. I am available for private lessons with the Norwich & District Skating Club on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights.  


Michele Jarvis – Freelance Coach

I am pleased to announce that I will be back coaching with the Norwich and District Skating Club for the 2020/21 skating season!   I have been a qualified Skate Canada Skating Coach since 1979.  I am NCCP Level 2 Certified, NCCP Level 3 Theory & Technical Certified, CANSkate Certified and have numerous years of carnival production.  Professionally qualified to teach all disciplines from CANskate up to and including gold levels.  I have had students complete and compete up to Novice Competitive Level.  Successful in the completion of students passing gold tests in all disciplines.  My Philosophy:  To train each Athlete to become the best they can be while still having fun learning the sport they love. I am available for private lesson with the Norwich District Skating Club on all sessions.   Private Lessons – $10.00/15 minute lesson & Semi-Private Lessons 2-3 skaters $11.50/ 15minute lesson.

Carmen Van Wyk Club Coach 

Hello, my name is Carmen Van Wyk. I am 17 years old and have been skating at Norwich District Skating Club for 14 years. I have also been a PA here for five years. I am a trained CanSkate coach and I plan to be working toward and receiving my certification as a CanSkate coach during the time I coach here. I am so excited to coach here and be apart of this club’s coaching team. While I coach CanSkate I will also be skating on session 3 where I am working on my STAR10 dance and Gold freeskate. I am very eager to bring what I have learned as a skater and as a PA into coaching. I have always wanted to be a coach and it is amazing to finally be one.

Katie O’Brien – Club & Freelance Coach   

Skating has been a love of mine since my earliest childhood memories, I began skating at four years old and it has been a passion of mine ever since. I’m excited to join the Norwich & District Skating Club for the 2020 to 2021 season and begin coaching, sharing my experience and helping to shape and develop our future generation of skaters. I am a NCCP Regional StarSkate coach and a CanSkate coach with experience teaching in both Ontario and Alberta. As a figure skater I completed my Four Gold Levels for Dance, Skill, Interpretive and Freeskate. One of my proudest accomplishments as a figure skater was competing and placing second place for Western Ontario and becoming a part of the provincial team in 2015. I will be at the rink coaching Session 1 – Monday and Wednesdays and Session 2 – Wednesday. I am available for private lessons for Star 1 – 5 levels.

Trisha Beam, Club Coach